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The simple lifestyle of a farmer to a fisherman, or people playing by the beach, tells me that the people know what life is. Life is busy these days but we need to learn to relax and slow down to appreciate what is around us. The simple act of love from mom and dad takes time out to play with their children by the beach. Having dinner outside the front of the house with children running around brings back a lot of memories that reflect my childhood. Wow, how I wished to go back in time to be like them! What I enjoyed most in Vietnam was the people. Our friend opened their house to us, cooked their simple and yet delicious meal to serve us. The cheers and smiles on their face gave me the warmth that I had missed for a long time. I hope you will enjoy these images and may you too be encouraged by what you are about to see and to reflect together with me to appreciate the simplicity of life in Vietnam. 

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