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NFT Alex Soh
Solar Coffee Project
Series 2

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What you see was not of my hands
but the beauty of God's creation. 

Work with me, I craft images
for your social media.

Journey with me through my
eyes of

Alex Soh.jpg

Founder of NFT SolarCoffeeProject and

World Travel & Landscape Photographer

ILFORD Brand Ambassador

Epson Ambassador

Nikon Ambassador 2010-2015 

Alex Soh is a firm believer in the power of photography to communicate ideas and emotions. He desires to capture the wonders of nature that will compel people to worship its wonderful Creator.


Alex’s journey as a graphic designer started in 1995. Prior to setting up his own design studio, he had worked in areas of design, advertising, and TV production. Reflecting his expertise and creativity, he was involved in projects from TV commercials to documentary productions including shoots for Nikon Tokyo, Adobe Headquater, and Singapore Tourism Board. Today, he focuses on travel and landscape photography to build corporate photo libraries. 


He loves photography because it is a way in which he can express himself. Through this medium, he is able to share with others his passion—that is to capture pictures that touch lives. With his own initiative, he has been conducting talks to young professionals and students on "Who Am I? A Self-Discovery Journey”, to inspire them to discover their very own giftedness. Alex said “Photography is a window that has brought him to see the world. Photography is his teacher, it has made him to be a better person.” 


Alex was also invited to be one of the ILFORD Master photographers and ILFORD Brand Ambassador in 2018 to be featured together with some world-class photographers and artists from around the world. Nikon Ambassador in Singapore (2010-2015) and Epson Ambassador in Singapore since 2016. He is an active promoter of fine art photography since 2008 in Singapore and China and has given talks to thousands of photographers on fine art photography to promote photographic exhibitions in the region. He has accomplished six solo exhibitions and many group exhibits in Asia. Alex believes that a good photograph is all about opportunity. 


He is a founder of The Rice Project and Project Road, which aims to use photography as a medium to create public awareness to raise funds for the needy. His latest NFT Alex Soh-Coffee Solar Project was fully sold out during the first day of launch

is my guiding philosophy as I travel around the world with my camera
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