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On this trip, I traveled to Brazil, Argentina and Chile. From the high mountain peaks to deep dark valleys, large water catchments to dry arid desert, and wildlife roaming freely in the national park of South America.  At one point during the trip, we camped in tents in the national park for two nights, living on bread, cheese, and water. A point to note if you intend to repeat our feat: If you're shooting with your digital camera, remember to bring extra batteries. There's no electricity at this campsite.  One morning, I had a fall climbing up the mountain. I was hoping to catch the sunrise, but the wind was so strong that I was pressed against the rocks in front of me. Thank God, I wasn’t standing at the edge of the mountain. I have never faced such a powerful wind in my life before, I could walk up a mountain by allowing the wind to lift me. Whatever that is standing—like my solid heavy tripod with a camera mounted on it—will also be blown away. It was a great experience!  This great expanse of beauty makes me feel so small. It makes me realize that there are still plenty of things in this world for me to explore and learn. Please join me in this journey and enjoy His Creation.  Indeed, we have much to appreciate and much to thank God for. 

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