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02 22 2022

Official Sale Date: 02 22 2022  Time: 02:22

02 22 2022 is the Angel number of positivity and good luck.
It’s a reminder that your life is on the right track.

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Largest Solo Black & White NFT Photography Collection On Blockchain

This is the largest solo black & white collection of 222 Human Moments pieces featuring 1/1 photographs, representing humans from all walks of life and cultures from all over the globe, existing in the blockchain world. 


These photos were taken by Alex Soh over the course of 30 years in his photography journey, one that has brought many opportunities and positive experiences. He hopes that this series will touch many hearts as it did his. Each photo is unique and captured as it is, with no photoshop edits made. 


Diamond hands like Cozomo de’ Medici (Snoop Dogg) is also a collector of Alex's work. This is your chance to own a 02 22 2022 good luck piece from this amazing human moments collection.

Human Moments From All Walks Of Life

My NFT Story

Joined NFT World in September 2021
A good friend Gerald asked me if I ever heard of NFT? I responded no. He shared that it's a big thing right now. Was it a seasonal thing? I asked. No, it's about selling art and photography in the blockchain. As I studied more about NFT, it is more than that. To me, that is a paradigm shift and it is going to impact the lives of every human being on earth. NFT is only a part of Web3 and it also includes Blockchain Smart Contract Computing, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Hardware Infrastructure, Metaverse, DAOs Community  Governance, and Defi. I have thought about it and thought if this is going to impact my life and family, I want to know and make a difference. That is how I started my NFT journey.

I remembered saying to Gerald, I want to "Make Money Make Sense" in the blockchain world. I know most of us when we think about crypto, we would think of people who are money-minded. But I learned enough to know that we shouldn't judge based on our ignorance, because what we know is only based on what we see and hear, but in the world of knowledge is the sky is the limit. And so, I have decided to start my partnership with Gerald to start our Photography NFT project


1st drop NFT Solar Coffee Project was a series of photography from Coffee Origins, Ethiopia. What if I am able to utilize my NFT journey, creating projects that have philanthropy elements to help the less fortunate ones. A certain amount of profits will go to buying solar lights for the Ethiopian coffee farmers. And I hope to install solar panel lights into 100 homes of the coffee farmers so that children are able to read books at night and families able to see each other faces. When we have lights, we could see hope. 

On October 6, 2021, we launch Solar Coffee Project on Opensea:

Official website:
The project caught the attention of Cozomo de’ Medici @CozomoMedici (Snoop Dogg who reveals himself as NFT kingpin. His collection of CryptoPunks, Art Blocks, and other NFTs worth an estimated total value of more than $17 million). He supported our Solar Coffee Project and he bought one of the pieces and tweeted it! Before the first day of launch, our whole collection was SOLDOUT! Amazing!
@CozomoMedici collected this piece, click the link to view: Solar Coffee Project #34 - Undiscovered Waterfall  
His tweet:


On November 9, 2021, we launch Alex Soh - Solar Coffee Project Series 2
Another Collection of 88 Photos:

On 22 February 2022, I have decided to launch my personal work.
This series of 222 pieces from my 30 years of photography journey. It is to mark my photography journey in the blockchain representing humans from all walks of life. We mustn't forget the purpose of all that we do, because whatever we are doing today are for human beings. We must not forget the purpose of creating a blockchain, it is to create a platform to provide a better service and quality of life for people.

I invite you to support my journey and hold on to one of my pieces of art from this collection 02 22 2022
Click link: 

NFT owner owns a piece of art in the blockchain and has the right to:
Print  |  Use as personal gadgets digital background  |  Re-Sell the NFT  |  Gift the NFT
The Creator solely retains all Copyrights and Commercial Rights.

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