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22 days, 5,245 kilometers, 14 cities, 2 states, and 4 divisions. We drove through thousands of turns and corners, up the hills and down the valleys. We conquered 4 mountains, 2 waterfalls, and 2 beaches. We traveled from one border to another on 4 wheels, 2 wheels, and 2 legs with a pair of broken shoes. From sleeping in the van to a hotel and a monastery, we also dined at hotels as well as ate by the roadside. We even cooked a meal at a fisherman's home and ate with them. Yes, we did them all. 

This is a series of photographs of Myanmar, a country that I visited 15 years ago and it has changed so much today. But the rich culture and warmth of its 132 tribes remain. That is what I find so fascinating as I travel across the country. Journey with me as we witness all these beautiful moments together. —© Alex Soh Photography

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