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Mocaccino (blend) Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia and Dahaling, Nepal. 

Dark Chocolate | Caramel | Peppermint | Jackfruit | Orange
Premium 100% Arabica

Mocaccino 250g Grade 1

SKU: KTNP2022-0019
  • Artisan coffee roasting

    Kintamani Coffee comes from an area that's located in the northern highlands of Bali. This is a place that has all the factors needed for that perfect coffee production process, including a highly favourable climate and rich volcanic soil.

    Nepal Coffee; Most Nepalese coffee is grown by small farmers, areas where the terrain and climate are suitable coffee and there are also significant numbers of previously existing Arabica plants now being improved. The coffee of Nepal has been described as rustic in the cup with a mild acidity. 

    In the Nuwakot region, reviews have noted highly fruity flavors (cranberry, prunes, orange) in the coffees, with a creamy body and fruity, woody (cedar) aroma and apple-like acidity. The best Nepal coffees are High Grown with shade cover, allowing the beans time to mature and ripen, developing full and robust flavors.

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